Outpatient Admissions

Getting help for you or a loved one starts with a phone call. Call to ask questions and determine eligibility.

We Understand.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment options available. Our staff will gather information on your needs and help you navigate the process – including assessments, referrals and obtaining approval from insurance or public funding.

We can assist clients entering treatment from hospitals and/or detox facilities. Call for information on how to navigate enrollment.

What kind of treatment do I need?
There are several treatment options available, from outpatient and day programs to residential care. A chemical use assessment performed by a professional will indicate the treatment needed. They can assist you in making the right choice and provide you with appropriate referrals.

How much does treatment cost?
The cost of treatment varies greatly depending on the type of care that is needed. Health insurance often includes coverage for chemical dependency treatment, which can help reduce costs. Minnesota residents may also apply for financial help through their local county, commonly called Rule 25 assistance. This must be done before entering treatment, as the county will help you determine your eligibility, and then will help place you in an appropriate program. Please call your local county Health & Human Services Dept. to schedule a Rule 25 assessment.


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